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Hearing Beyond the Staves

3 March 2022

In today’s digital age, information is produced, distributed and consumed in brief, instantaneous, and mostly visual bursts. Feeds, posts, stories, and tweets compete for likes, comments, and followers rather than coexist as waves of difference and nuance. As a result, authentic dialogue and listening have given way to a more polarized and turbulent discourse.

Although our vehicles of information, communication and community building have expanded exponentially with the help of technological innovation, there exists a need to revive education and creativity based on the human sense of hearing.

As a follow up to Hear, Think, Act: Jazz Forms of/in/for Life, we seek to expand our understanding of the auditory process and experience — in its physical, creative, and educational forms. The conference seeks to present a collage of knowledge organized around concepts, theories, ideas, projects, and works of art.

The conference will be organized along two tracts:
1. Artistic aspects: listening techniques for musicians; hearing frequencies; absolute and relative pitch hearing; microtonal hearing; “hearing the visual” and “seeing the auditory”; Music and Noise and more.
2. Educational/Humanistic aspects: hearing space and place; multicultural hearing; hearing the other; hearing nature; hearing internally.

We seek proposals for 10-minute talks that may take the form of an academic lecture, interactive workshop, presentation of an educational or artistic project, a dialogue among multiple participants, and more.

Proposal deadline: Thursday, February 10.

Dr. Aviv Livnat, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
Dr. Edan Raviv, Assistant Director, NYU Tel Aviv
Dr. Yoav Friedman, Research & Innovation Authority, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design


3 March 2022
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